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President's Message 

Greetings to N4C,

In my book, this is not the start of another year. It is a continuation. I have been involved in N4C long enough (although I still consider myself a newbie) to realize that people like myself stand on the shoulders of others who are no longer involved or who have already given of themselves to N4C. To all of those people, thank you. Thank you for making this council what it is today.

That said, I have to admit that we all should take it upon ourselves as members of the various clubs who make up N4C to raise the bar a bit. Consider what you can do for your own camera club—what can you do to make it better? Do the same thing for N4C. There are all kinds of things each one of us can do to add to this council of camera clubs and our own club. If you are having difficulty thinking about what you can do, ask your current officers or the experienced veterans in your club. You will be inundated with suggestions. Act on those that you can. Everything you do will make us better.

This year will present some continued challenges for all of us. For example, digital photography has enveloped most all of our photographic world. It has created numerous technical problems for most of us to confront when we sit down in front of a computer. Like most every change that has occurred in my life, it is something I must learn to deal with. It is one of the areas where we can learn from others and improve our photography. That is one of the benefits of belonging to N4C.

Outside of decline in DSLR sales and the resulting problems, one of the biggest that we collectively will deal with this year is the sustaining both the mini-convention each spring and the fall convention. As I type this, we still do not have a club who has stepped up and indicated that they will host the convention in the fall of 2018. If no one does, we will have a serious problem.

I’ll end this with a plea: please get in touch with me (pres@n4c.us) if you have any ideas/suggestions, etc. for or about N4C that can improve our council. The other officers, Board of Directors, and I will be working to make us better. Have a rewarding year.

Robert Lahti
2017-2018 N4C President


The "NORTH CENTRAL CAMERA CLUB COUNCIL” had its inception almost simultaneously in the minds of three men  Robert H. Cochran, M.D., APSA. Omaha, E, Curtis Lugg, Sioux Falls, and Francis A. Kingsbury, Ponca and Sioux City.

Fate decided that their paths should cross in the Spring of 1955, these three men sat on the front porch of the Kingsbury home in Ponca Nebraska where their vision gave birth to the North Central Council of Camera Clubs. From their idea that evening a tentative organization, created May 30, 1955, combined members of seven Camera Clubs located in Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota. and South Dakota.
Summer, Fall, and Winter Seasons were spent in organizational creation of many of the services still available from the "N-4-C", as the infant was nicknamed. Meeting at the Joslyn Memorial Art Museum in Omaha, January 22, 1956, resulted in adopting a Constitution, and in electing the temporary officers to their permanent positions.
The First Convention, held in Sioux City, lowa, with Francis A. Kingsbury as General Chairman gave the 123 delegates from the 20 member Clubs such excellent programs that it is difficult to uphold tradition in the subsequent Conventions, The now famous "N 4 C, “Where Names become Faces and Faces become Friends"  was originated during this gathering by Francis Kingsbury. The original officers were re-elected to complete their assignment to build an active and lasting N-4 C.


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